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This is a resource and web guide to measurement data sources of all types in science and industry. We are focused on measurement results and practices and providing a resource hub for related information.

We are purposely staying away from the measurement methods and results used in mass media, including the Internet. That is not our area of interest.

Makers and sellers of measurement devices are welcome to list their white papers and technology resources in our directory of measurement devices on or here according to the content.

Suggest other categories that we have missed, please. Look before you make a suggestion, however, our list is relatively large.

There is no charge and no obligation. Links can even be suggested by a friend of the organization.

We moderate each entry and verify the existence of a viable and related website before allowing an entry to be published.

Vendors are also welcome to add any research and developments stories involving their new products in our news area. That is free and moderated as we are able to cope with the inputs.

In our experience, there are literally mountains of great technical reprints, white papers, tables, charts and similar technical information sitting almost idle on seldom-visited websites. Here’s a chance to have more visitors to your site to see and benefit from your special information.

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Again, we review all submissions. We have found that some “tech” articles are more like “handwaving” science and not something we would not favor. We sometimes give feedback to people on how to make their articles more acceptable. We also retain our right to reject a suggested input for any reason or for no reason at all.

We do not knowingly provide links to copyright protected information without proper permission from the copyright holder and recommend that they only be suggested with some indication of the correct permission.

This web site grew out of a belief that a site cataloging web information on measurement devices and related technologies plus the very important area of measurement device control for measurement quality assurance was possible.

We started relatively small back in 1996 on a part time basis, considering at first temperature sensors. Then, before the job of that web site was complete, we started Not necessarily very smart, but a lot of fun back then. grew wildly and began to depart from our basic goals when we added a daily news feature to it.

We soon realized that there are multiple interests in measurement technologies and measurements. There are numerous online databases freely available, too, but no central index or directory of them.

Thus for databases in science and indusrty was created on September 2006 from some of the extraneous resources listed on We also excised the components there on Publications, Meetings & CFPs, Standards and Education % Training to generate yet another site,

We are still growing!

Along the way we realized that a blog about what we are doing and the way to handle feedback would be eventually very useful. This helped us start as a flexible communications means. Check it out and feel free to add your comments, criticisms and general feedback.

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G. Raymond “Ray” Peacock
Editor, Publisher